Study in Auckland for international students

Study in Auckland for international students


What you think about your further studies? When you imagine yourself pursuing your higher studies what you plan on?

Study in Auckland for international students
Study in Auckland for international students

Breezy air coming from the windows sandy beach round the corner and a big bar night? How’s it sounds? Unrealistic! No it’s true because it’s only possible in New Zealand. Any degree or any course, no matter what your choice is, you can just book a seat to New Zealand and it has everything to offer you. There are many of the universities to Study in Auckland for international students coming across globe.

New Zealand is famous for the best quality of education, culture, food and many other things. And, if you choose to stay and study in New Zealand then it’s not expensive as well. So you can freely enjoy your student life.

We are not gonna leave you in confusing state because we have got a guide to take you in the correct direction. Don’t go away just keep following.


Universities in New Zealand


1- University of Otago


For the first position to Study in Auckland for international students we have University of Otago. This university was established in year 1869 which makes it one of the oldest universities of New Zealand.

It’s motto states “Dare to be wise”.

In present time, it serves more than 20,800 students for their passion. The faculty includes humanities, science, health sciences and business. The university is situated in Dunedin which is marked as the second largest city in South Island.


2- University of Auckland


For the second position which is preferred for Study in Auckland for international students is University of Auckland. The global ranking of this university is 85. The university was founded in 1883 and was formerly attached to University of New Zealand after several years, they got separated.

This university comprisee of eight faculties among six campuses and currently has 40,000 of students enrollment. This university is located in one of the largest cities of New Zealand which is Auckland. Which makes it a centre of attraction for international students.


3- University of Canterbury


The next university known for Study in Auckland for international students which University of Canterbury. This university is situated in the city which shakes by a drastic earthquake after which thus city is gaining it’s name.

It’s inspiring that many of the great legends have earned their degree from here, namely Earnest Rutherford, Ngati Porou and many others.

You can enjoy the ride along Avon river, have coffee around greenery and make friends among more than 30,000 of students. This university offers more than 70 different courses, so that you don’t have any excuse fir escape.


4-  University of Waikato


For the fourth rank on the list of universities to Study in Auckland for international students we have the University of Waikato. It’s known to be the youngest of universities in New Zealand. The university is located un Hamilton and Tauranga in North Island. This university was founded in 1964 aiming to provude nothing but best of education to the students.

The university hosts more than 30,000 of students currently. Where you can enjoy your life with studies. Because the university is based in the city that had got the best of night life and beaches. So what are you waiting for?


5- Victoria University of Wellington


If you know about love at first sight then Wellington is going to be that for you. You can hang around funky cafes and arts shops and have a great meal at fish shops. We challenge that you are never going to feel bored in New Zealand’s Wellington.

You will thrive on and off-camous that’s guaranteed. Hence, it’s best for Study in Auckland for international students who choose to enjoy life without facing downfall in their career.

This university accepts more than 15,000 of foreign student’s application every year. Be sure that you are going to be trained for different variety of career opportunities.

What’s the best part about it? You are free to explore and wander the world class Te Papa Museum which is famous for it’s indigenous culture and that’s all for free.


These were some of the best options to Study in Auckland for international students from which you can choose to go with any of them but make sure to never miss any deadline.


When and How to apply?


When you have got a full proof plan to study in New Zealand then it’s always necessary for you to be updated about everything. Hence, if you want to apply for the admission then you need to clear your doubts before the admission dates. There are two intakes yearly which is January and July. You will need to check official website of the university in which you want to get admission done.


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